To My Daughter

by Matthew Brooks

Oh how I love you, little one.

I fear for you.

I worry, I cry,

and I wonder: why?

Why was I the one

who God so richly blessed?

Why am I the one

to whom you give such blind trust?

If you only knew, my dear

how every day I fear.

How will I protect you?

How will I guide you?

How will I teach you?

When I have yet to find my own way.

Your laugh, your smile,

your blond curly hair.

Your big blue eyes

and that freckle on our left feet that we both share!

So alike,

yet still so unique.

When first I held you in my arms

one June day not so long ago,

you looked into my eyes

and were the greatest gift

that any man could hope to receive.

Your laughs, your giggles and your squirmy little squeals.

These are the sounds

that I love to hear.

You are a miracle, my precious little girl.

Your smile shines brighter than this whole world.

I take this pledge, this vow, this solemn promise.

To do my best to earn your love,

each and every day.

To tell you how much you mean to me,

in everything I say.

Always remember, my sweet little girl:

When you are sad, and when you are lonely,

I was there from the beginning,

and I will never leave your side.

When your heart is broken

and people are at their worst,

You are my little girl and I loved you first.

Today’s acts of manliness: love your children unconditionally, for it is how they love you.