To My Congressman and Senators:

by Matthew Brooks

Senators Murray and Cantwell and Congressman Kilmer,

In the hours to follow my penning this letter to you, it is possible that the landscape of America may be changed forever.  And not for the better.

President Obama has made it clear that unilateral action in the form of an Executive Order is, to him, an acceptable course of action regarding the disarmament of the Citizens of the United States of America. 

This idea cannot be entertained, tolerated or allowed in any way, shape or form.  You, Senator Murray, are our elected voice in the government of the United States.  Mr. Obama represents a separate yet equal branch of the government.  It’s all about checks and balances and this type of misguided attempt at singlehandedly usurping the natural rights of all people is exactly why the Founders framed this nation as a Republic, not as a monarchy.  Consequently, they laid out the Bill of Rights which made quite clear those Rights that they feared would be trampled first and, by name, enumerated them for all to see and hear.  There can be no mistaking why they saw fit to provide us with the text of the Second Amendment: it is not about target shooting or hunting, it was expressly articulated to protect the people from an oppressive government.

Senator Murray, I urge you to stand with the citizens of the United States and make your voice heard loudly in the halls of the Capitol: there will be no disarmament of the American people.  To this end, there should be no further restrictions placed upon magazine capacity, cosmetic features, or types of arms allowed to be built, sold or imported.

Gun control, as it is incorrectly called, is yet another step down the road toward tyranny.  When governments forget where their power is derived (from the consent of the governed ie, the Citizens) and begin to pass laws and decrees depriving their citizens of their natural rights, they begin to tread dangerously. 

I do not want any sort of rebellion or revolt to occur in this great land of ours.  Unfortunately, with the recent declarations and usurpations that have been handed down from on high (read: Washington, DC) I fear that there are those in this country moving toward that end.  People will not stand idly by as the Republic is systematically looted and turned into yet another Marxist and socialist state.  The Declaration of Independence makes it quite clear that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.  Ma’am, I fear that we are dangerously close to crossing the line in the sand that delineates light and transient causes from absolute Despotism and tyranny. 

The history of the present President of the United States of America is building a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

You were elected to be the voice of the people in Washington.  Please be that voice and make yourself heard.  Do not allow yourself to be overridden by another branch of the government.  Be the check and balance that offsets the current holder of the office of the President.

I will continue to make my voice known to you and to the other representatives of our great state of Washington, for it is my earnest belief that change is best accomplished through a polite and proper discourse and dialogue.  Hopefully, with luck and God on our side, we can effect a positive change in the halls of our government and correct the wayward course this country seems to be spiraling toward.  Maybe, in the course of a generation or so, we can restore this country to the greatness that it once held and restore the liberty and freedom the citizens are owed by their natural and unalienable rights.


Matthew Brooks


Today’s acts of manliness: when fighting for a righteous and just cause, don’t back down