9/11, a re-write

by Matthew Brooks

Earlier tonight, while cleaning out some old files and folders in my ongoing attempts to prevent myself from becoming a digital pack-rat, I ran across a short article I penned several years ago.

What follows is a “what should have been” newspaper article that could have been written the afternoon of September 11th, 2001 had our nation not allowed itself to continue down the path of Europe.

Instead, we are all too familiar with the atrocities that were actually committed on that fateful day 11 years ago.

Terrorist Attacks Thwarted By Red-Blooded Americans

New York, NY-What is thought to be the most complex terror attack ever planned was thwarted today.

At approximately 8:40 am this morning passengers on American Airlines Flight 11 were on their way to Los Angeles, having just departed Boston, when a group of five middle-eastern men attempted to skyjack the airplane.

At roughly the same time, United Airlines Flight 175, also en route to Los Angeles from Boston, underwent a similar incident when five men of middle-eastern descent attempted to overtake their aircraft.

Also airborne at the time was American Airlines Flight 77, flying out of Washington D.C. inbound to Los Angeles and United Airlines Flight 93, traveling to San Francisco from New Jersey.

The five men on board Flight 11 were seen talking together and heard chanting what was believed to be prayers of some type before they abruptly stood up and began shouting at the passengers and aircrew. Their leader, Muhammad Ata as-Sayyid, began telling the passengers and flight attendants that in order to better serve Allah, they were all going to sacrifice themselves in the “new holy war”.

Ata and his fellow terrorists then produced box-cutters and attempted to storm the cockpit, where they were shot down by passenger Col. Charles Jones (ret.) of the United States Air Force. Jones, when interviewed by reporters afterward stated, “They were obviously intent on killing all of us, so I killed them first. I just wish I had another GLOCK to carry home, because the FBI confiscated mine as evidence.”

Col. Jones said that he has been a lifelong gun owner and has carried one daily as part of his normal routine. He has concealed carry permits from several states and always carries them and his firearm in his travels. He told reporters that he was carrying a GLOCK 33, chambered in .357SIG while on board Flight 11 this morning. “It’s a good, solid round that is manageable, concealable and has good capacity,” he told reporters.

At the same time as events were unfolding on Flight 11, similar things were occurring on Flight 175. Marwan al-Shehhi and 4 other accomplices were heard shouting quotes from the Koran and attempted to overpower the aircrew, again, using boxcutters and, new among these terrorists, mace.

Pilot Victor Saracini and co-pilot Michael Horrocks, both recent graduates from the FAA’s new Flight Deck Officer program were carrying sidearms and quickly dispatched the five would-be terrorists.

Saracini, a United pilot since 1985, is a former US Navy pilot and carries the Sig Sauer 226 chambered in 9mm while Horrocks, a former Marine, carries a GLOCK22, chambered in .40S&W. Both pilots were unavailable for comment at print time.

As difficult enough to imagine is two simultaneous hijackings, there was still more going on in the skies of the northeastern United States.

Hani Hanjour and his four fellow conspirators boarded American Airlines Flight 77 this morning thinking that they were going to start a holy war. What they ended up getting was more akin to an upset father takin out the trash. When Hani and his cohorts attempted to take control of Flight 77 by the same means as the inbreds on Flights 11 and 175, they ran into a few problems. Nanmely, Admiral Wilson Flagg of the United States Navy.

Flagg, having noted the five self-proclaimed “holy-warriors” placed himself between them and the cockpit and, with the assistance of his Colt Government Model 1911 (chambered in .45ACP) calmly dropped the first two attackers with well-placed shots to the head. He then performed a tactical reload and finished off the last three.

After landing, he was overheard talking with the pilot of Flight 77, Capt. Charles Burlingame and joking about, “…when I left home this morning, I almost didn’t bring an extra magazine with me, boy I sure am glad I did…”

Better known as United 93, Flight 93 is an international flight that leaves from Newark, NJ stops briefly in San Francisco, CA and then on to it’s eventual destination in Tokyo, Japan. As the passengers this morning boarded United 93, they had no idea what type of day they were going to have.

Led by Ziad Jarrah, a Labanese pilot, a group of 3 terrorists attempted to overpower the aircraft while it was over the skies of eastern Pennsylvania. They were able to overpower the aircrew and managed to gain control of the cockpit, albeit only briefly. After successfully forcing Pilot Jason Dahl and co-Pilot LeRoy Homer out of the cockpit, Jarrah and company were heard yelling “allahu Ackbar” very loudly.

Even though Jarrah and his fellow terrorists told many of the passengers and crew on Flight 93 that they had a bomb and would blow up the plane, the passengers still fought back. Led by Officer Richard Guadagno of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the passengers and crew fought back, overpowering their attackers quickly and regained control of Flight 93.

Officer Guadagno told press after their landing, “…we took them into custody and tried to keep them from hurting anyone else, but their vileness and animal behavior was out of control….we had no choice but defend ourselves with lethal force…”

As of right now, it is believed that the 4 terrorists on Flight 93 died after attempting to open one of the emergency escape doors on the Boeing 757. Several of the passengers on board stated that they were thankful that the FAA had recently changed its rules about allowing firearms on board aircraft.


Had the passengers and crew aboard those airplanes been armed that day, would events have been different?  Sadly, we will never know the answer to this question.  What we do know however, is that everyone who died on those airplanes, in the towers and on the ground below could still be with us today had we not allowed our government to create terrorist empowerment zones.

No gun control law has ever contributed in any articulable way to a decrease in crime or public safety.  Conversely, the opposite is true: every time that laws are relaxed and firearm ownership increases, violent crime goes down and public safety increases.

Today’s acts of manliness: always be prepared